‘A Very Beastly’ Musical

Last week, the town of Bundoran was gripped by Musical Fever as the Magh Ene College production of ‘A Very Beastly Musical’ played to a full house over three nights from Wednesday to Friday (23rd-25th November, 2016)!! The highly talented students from Magh Ene College enthralled captive audiences with their bewitching voices and their accomplished acting skills.  Fifth year student Eimear Colreavy played the part of a young girl who discovers an enchanted castle which is inhabited by an angry Beast (played by Daithi McGloin).  Eimear had won over audiences in previous Magh Ene College productions such as ‘Sisterly Act’.  This was Daithi’s musical debut in Magh Ene College and he proved himself to be a very talented singer and actor! Hannah Brennan, Jack Buckley, Dervla Carr, Matthew Duffy, Sian Evans, Saul Gavigan, Katelyn McGowan, Joshua McGowan, Kirsten McGowan and Richard Thien were all excellent in their supporting roles.  Well done to all the cast and the back-stage team who made this production one which will be remembered for many years to come.  Thanks also the their teachers Mr. Reilly, Ms. Hennessy, Ms. Luke and Ms. Noonan for all their work in producing yet another fabulous show!!  Words do little to describe how proud we are of all involved!!!
Thanks to all the local businesses who provided sponsorship to this year’s show.


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A Very Beastly Musical

Wonderful posters by our very talented students advertising Magh Ene College’s musical this year – looking forward to another amazing production. Well done to all the students involved and their teachers (Mr. Reilly, Ms. Luke, Ms. Noonan & Ms. Hennessy)