Eoin Dillon – Trinity College – B.Sc.

1. Tell us about the university course you are currently undertaking – subjects studied, work experience etc.?
I am currently in my final year studying Zoology in Trinity College Dublin. To do this I first entered Trinity in the Science Moderatorship, and chose zoology at the end of second year. In the science moderatorship, I studied a number of sciences; biology, geology, chemistry and math in first year. Then just biology and geology in second year. Now I do a range of modules such as Behaviour, which focuses on how animals learn and interact with one another, Conservation, which deals with the problems facing animal populations globally and how best to counter these anthropogenic threats, and Animal Diversity, which outlines the various phyla of animals and the defining characteristics and evolution of each. Although my course offers no formal form of work experience some of my class went away in the summer between 3rd and 4th year to Indonesia, Mexico, Peru etc. to help zoologists carry out their research, however this is expensive. I myself volunteer with the Natural History Museum in Dublin, helping out in the archives to categorise and sort through the collections.

2. What subjects did you study in Magh Ene College and how do these relate to your current university course?
While at Magh Ene College, I studied Irish, English, Math, French, Geography, Biology, and Physics and Chemistry (Phys/ chem). All were at an honours level bar Irish, which I took at pass. Biology, Phys/ chem, Math and Geography have been the most relevant subjects to my course. Especially Biology, obviously. Although English has also helped me quite a bit in wording my various assignments.

3. What extra curricular activities did you get involved in while in Magh Ene College and how have these helped you so far?
Although I have never been overly sporty, I tried to keep myself busy with other extra-curricular activities while in Magh Ene. Transition year was excellent for this as I developed my oratory skills through the Concern debates and Science debates. I also entered the Young Scientist competition twice (T.Y. and 5th year), and Sci-fest thrice. I served on both the Green schools committee and the Healthy schools scheme committee to try and improve the school in even a small way. And finally, I served on the student council in first year and Leaving cert, where, as Head Boy I chaired the student council. The student council is great for teaching important lessons on team-work and how to work in groups. Both of which are skills vital for both third level education, and the workplace.

4. What is your education/career plan for the future?
After I finish my degree, I hope to do a masters programme in conservation on the continent, or perhaps stay in Trinity, depending on what I’m offered. Many, many, many species around the world are threatened badly by we humans, and this problem will only increase over the next half century. After my masters I hope to find work in a conservation organisation or as an Environmental Consultant, to help limit the effects human development has on the natural world.

5. What other advice would you give to current students in Magh Ene College?
If I was to offer any other advice to students it would be to not waste the opportunities presented to you while in second level education. This is a defining moment in your lives and will be putting you on track to whatever career you hope to get in the future. Don’t waste it!

We wish to thank Eoin for taking the time to complete this interview and wish him every success in the future!!