Erica Gallagher – DCU – B.Ed. – Primary School Teacher

This week’s past pupil profile comes from Erica Gallagher.
1.  What subjects did you study in Magh Ene College and how do these relate to your current university course?
I studied home economics, biology, Geography and French. I studied primary school teaching in St Patrick’s College Drumcondra and all of the above subjects supported me in my course and also now in my teaching. I teach 5th and 6th class and we bake once every 3 weeks, they study French each week and of course geography and science are core subjects to their curriculum.
2.  What extra-curricular activities did you get involved in while in Magh Ene College and how have these helped you so far?
 I played on both the girl basketball and rugby teams but was never a mad one for team sports. It has helped me with my PE teaching however because I know how teams should be picked and the general rules etc. I loved the Girls Active programme facilitated by Mrs Fitzgerald. Each few weeks we got to try out new activities such as yoga and these are things I continue in my personal life as I attend the gym for classes. I also took part in other activities such as the Young Scientist, debating, Gaisce, healthy schools, and green schools.
3.  Tell us about the university course you are undertook – subjects studied, work experience etc.?
I graduated with an honours degree in a bachelor of education in 2016. I studied geography, history and English as my core subjects in first year (BA) and continued with geography for the four years. I also had modules on digital learning, science, maths, philosophy, special education, psychology, art, sociology etc. It was a very jam-packed course with 6-8 hours of lectures and tutorials each day. I completed teaching practice throughout the four years with 12 continuous weeks in my final year.
4.  What is your education/career plan for the future?
At the moment I am teaching 5th and 6th class in a school in Wicklow. I got my probation in January so now I am fully probated! I plan to stay there for another year and then hopefully move to teach in Dubai for a year or so. I am also considering completing a Masters Degree in special education but can’t think of studying and assignments again for a while yet!!
5.  What other advice would you give to current students in Magh Ene College?
Follow your dreams and never think you can’t do it! Magh Ene College is a wonderful school with teachers who went above and beyond to help when I was there. Ask for help if you need it because support is always there. It’s hard work when you are working towards state exams but in the end, it is worth every minute when you are doing something you love in the future. Always remember to have fun and enjoy your secondary school days because you may not see the friends in your year as much when you all head off on different paths in life.

We wish to thank Erica for taking the time to complete this interview and wish her continued success in her future career!!

Magh Ene College past pupil EricaGallagher who provides this week's past pupil profile