Health Promoting Schools

This year the HPS committee decided to focus our work on promoting Physical Health within our school community. As part of the project we intend to encourage students to eat healthily as well as to promote the benefits of exercise on our bodies. We decided to focus on this in a few different ways.

Our main aim this year is to encourage as many students, staff and parents as possible to participate in the Cara 5k and 10k events held on the 28th February and 1st March respectively.


We decided to get some inspirational quotes from Irish Celebrities as we thought it might motivate us all to exercise more and to eat healthier. We asked the following well known personalities in person or via twitter, for their views on the importance of physical activity for their health:


Taoiseach Enda Kenny endain an email said: “I place great importance on physical activity for people of all ages. I enjoyed playing Gaelic football in my younger days and enjoy cycling and hiking now when I can, though the demands of the job mean this is not always as often as I would like. However, I did have the opportunity to complete several charity cycles this year, including the 180km mile ring of Kerry which is always a good challenge. This was my fifth time to complete this cycle. This year was the 30th anniversary of the cycle which has raised millions for charity.”




Ramona Nicholas (Dragons Den):ramona

“As a Pharmacist, I already know the benefits of physical activity on mental and emotional health, as well as healthy eating. For me, even though it can be extremely difficult to make time for physical activity as a working mum,  it is something that always makes me feel good when I make the time for it. Running is something that I really enjoy, and although I ran a lot more before I had my son, I still try to do short runs now and again. Physical activity is very important for your self confidence, and for me, a strong body means a strong mind.

Taking the time to introduce exercise into your daily routine has major advantages even for 20 minutes. There is a concept which leads to high levels of success called ‘The Hour Of Power’, (which I have not yet mastered!) but it involves 20 minutes of exercise, 20 minutes of educational reading (eg a business book or the likes) and 20 minutes reflection. On the few times that I have tried this, I can say without doubt I have highly productive days.”



Colm (Gooch) Cooper (Kerry Footballer)gooch

“Firstly, training is vitally important as it helps young people get into good habits from a young age, and a very vital part of that is a balanced diet. To ensure that a student has enough energy for their study and sports, it is key that they look after their nutritional needs.”





Bernard Brogan (Dublin Footballer) tweeted:bernard

“Training and physical activity releases endorphins in the body which gives you energy and makes you feel great, there is no better feeling of satisfaction than after a tough training session. In relation to diet, I would see this as being more important than most people think. My view is that your body is like an engine and you need to put in the right fuel to get the most out of it. Try put diesel into an unleaded petrol car and see how well she moves!”

Karl Henry (Operation Transformation) tweeted:


“Physical activity means that movement becomes part of our daily, weekly, monthly and yearly lives.

(It is important) that we move as much as possible during the day and get the benefits from that movement such as stress release, endorphin release and improved muscle tone. The more we can move the healthier we will be.”





Paddy Cunningham (Runner up on ‘Biggest Loser UK’):


“To me physical activity is one of the most undervalued elements in a persons life, especially in schools.  I strongly feel PE in schools should involve a lot more theory to help students truly understand the importance and benefit of exercising. It should also provide information on correct basic nutrition and food planning to support well being and also athletics /sports.
I know that if I had fully understood that the relationship I had with food wasn’t a healthy one back in school,I may have never gotten so overweight. Where schools put a lot of effort into sports and teams I feel this should also be supported with dedicated time on nutrition for fitness.”

Neven Mc Guire (Celebrity Chef) :


“Enjoying exercise is very good for your mind and body.For me it is very important to exercise regularly, but also enjoy my food! My job can be seen as stressful but I never see it that way, I enjoy my work and love the versatility.”




Anne Marie Ward(International Openwater Swimmer) :


“Find your own passion in life…for me it is open water swimming. It has taught me not to wait for my ship to come ashore, swim out and meet it! If your physical being is healthy, life is so much better – so go for it.”





 Mark McHugh (Donegal GAA Star):frank

“Keep as active as possible, eat well and drink plenty of water. Try your best to stay away from fast foods. If you’re not involved in any sport, try something,whether it be walking, running, cycling or swimming. Physical Health is so important to your health, and to how you enjoy life”.


Compiled by: Conor Dawson, 5th Yr