Leaving Certificate Ecumenical Service

An ecumenical service was held in Magh Ene College last Friday, 26th May, to celebrate the Leaving Certificate class of 2016-2017.  All parents were invited to attend what was a beautiful service and thanks to Fr. Christy McHugh who acted as celebrant on the day.  Parents were invited to anonymously write a few words to describe what their son/daughter means to them and Fr. Christy read a few of these moving tributes. Head Boy Luke Towey and the Leaving Certificate Choir conducted by Ms. Luke provided a lovely musical accompaniment to the service.  Thanks also to Mrs. Fitzgerald who organised this service.  We wish all our Leaving Certificate students well with the final preparations for their examinations and to their families also.  Finishing second level education is an exciting time – it is both an ending and a beginning; it’s the warm memories of the past and big dreams for the future.

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