Maths Week Celebrations

Magh Ene College celebrated Maths Week 2017 last week – students were given Maths Questions in Tutor Class every morning. These were posted on the school app every morning too so that everyone at home could join in the fun!! Students also took part in the Maths Eyes competition, poster competitions and there was a lunchtime quiz for first-years on Thursday.   Some of the questions given out during Tutor Class were as follows – all answers may now be viewed on the school app or via the school’s Facebook account.  Monday and Tuesday’s questions were posted online as the school was closed on these days due to Hurricane Ophelia.
Question 1:
A pet shop had 40 rabbits.  22 were male.  The others were female. The shop sold ten of the rabbits.  The probability that a rabbit is now picked at random is ½.  How many of the female rabbits were sold?  Question 2:
The cash price for a boiler is €2,000.  Customers can pay the cash price or can pay 60 monthly payments of €40.  What is the percentage increase in the price of the boiler when paying monthly?
Question 1:  m is the number of marbles in Bag A.  Bag B has six more marbles than bag A.  Bag C has twice as many marbles as bag B.  The total number of marbles in the three bags is 66.  How many marbles are in bag A?
Question 2:  What name is given to a triangle where none of the sides are equal in length?
Question 1:
In maths, what name is given to the length of the circumference of a circle divided by its diameter?
Question 2:  Jack wants to carry thirteen bottles of water from the shop.  He can only carry three bottles at a time.  How many trips will he have to make from the shop?
Question 1: If the Earth rotates once every 24hours, how many degrees does it move every hour?  Question 2:  Amy, Liam, Maria and Luke meet up.  Each person shakes hands with every other person once.  How many handshakes are there in total?
Question 1:  How many sides in a pentagon?
Question 2:  Ann is one year older than Jane.  The sum of their ages is 61.  How old is Jane?
Winners of Maths Week Poster Competition:
Congratulations to the winners of the 1st Year poster competition held as part of the Maths Week celebrations.  The students are pictured with their prizes. Thanks to their teachers Ms. Meehan and Ms. McGlynn who organised this competition. L-R:  Ava Mc Morrow, Daniella Arber Cummins, Lana Rynne and Matthew San Pedro.  Well done all!!








Winners of First Year Maths Quiz:

1st Year Maths Quiz:
Congratulations to the First Year students Alannah Witherow, Ryan Barrett, Ronan Wiggs and Andrew Gallagher who won 1st place in the JC Maths Week Quiz which was held at lunchtime today.  Congrats also to Eoghan Gallagher, Maitiu Tierney, Sean McNeice and Conor Clancy, who were awarded 2nd place.  The students were presented their prizes by their teachers Ms. McGlynn and Ms. Meehan.  This quiz was part of the celebrations for Maths Week in the school.

Magh Ene College First Year students who won 1st place in the Maths Week Quiz with their teachers Ms. McGlynn and Ms. Meehan Magh Ene College First Year students who won 2nd place in the Maths Week Quiz with their teachers Ms. McGlynn and Ms. Meehan

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