Mental Health Events – October 2016

Mental Health events taking place in Magh Ene College in October in conjunction with Connect Mental Health.
* Monday 10th October, 2pm – ‘Real Talks’ by Alan O’Mara, the Cavan goal keeper, is a talk for students about Mental Health, Self-belief and Resilience.
* Tuesday 11th October, 7pm-10pm – Bill Vaughan, Mental Health Ireland, will deliver a workshop for adults (over 18s) relating to Understanding Mental Health and Wellbeing, and Stress and Thinking Patterns.
* Wednesday 12th October, 2pm – The Shona Project will deliver a student workshop giving advice and guidance on the challenges facing teenagers in their everyday lives.
* Thursday 13th October, 2pm – Donal Walsh #livelife
This foundation was set up by Donal’s family in his memory. Elma Walsh, Donal’s mother, will deliver the inspirational story of Donal, his life, his illness, his spirit and his untimely death.


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