Science Week 2017

Science Week:
Magh Ene College celebrated Science Week from the 13th-17th November, 2017.  Students took part in fun science quizzes in Tutor Class every morning.  The questions below were also posted online on the school app and on the school Facebook account so that all at home could join in the celebrations.
Monday Questions
1. What name is given to the coloured muscle in the human eye that controls how much light passes through the pupil?  Iris
2.  Which astronaut’s mother’s maiden name was Moon?  Buzz Aldrin
3.  Name the substance found in pencils?  Graphite
4.  Name the naturally occurring radioactive gas formed in the ground by the radioactive decay of uranium which is present in small amounts in all rocks and soils?  Radon
Tuesday Questions:
1. How many bones in the human body?  206
2.  Who invented the ball point pen in 1938?  Lazlo Biro
3.  Galvanised Iron sheets are coated with which metal?  Zinc
4. What is the largest human organ?  Skin
Wednesday Questions:
1. The sloe is the fruit of what plant? Blackthorn
2.  Who began his study of the pendulum while watching a suspended lamp swing back and forth in the cathedral of Pisa?  Galileo Galilei
3.  Which element is used for flash freezing food and as a refrigerant?  Nitrogen
4.  True or False:  The common cold can be treated with antibiotics?  False
Thursday Questions:
1. Beta-carotene is responsible for the orange colour in carrots and pumpkins. To which vitamin is it converted in the body?  Vitamin A
2.  Why can’t you hard boil an egg easily on the top of Mount Everest?  Water boils at a lower temperature due to the lower atmospheric pressure
3. Name the gas produced when bread soda is heated during bread making?  Carbon dioxide
4.  Name the protein found in hair, nails and scales of snakes?  Keratin
Friday Questions:
1. Obesity can be measured using BMI. What does BMI stand for? Body Mass Index
2.  Name the strongest material in the world?  Graphene
3.  Which is the only planet in our solar system not named after a mythical god? Earth
4.  A wind of force 12 on the Beaufort scale is known as what?  A Hurricane
Sports Initiative:
Paul Quinn, BSc Sports Science, visited Magh Ene College yesterday as part of the continued celebrations of Science Week.  They undertook a workshop with students involving five interactive physical activity challenges.  These challenges are focused at providing participants with an understanding of key scientific principles relating to physical activity.  1.  A sensor timing gate ten meter sprint challenge investigating speed and acceleration.  2.  An inflatable distance cage assessing kicking distance in Meters. 3. The Watt Bike Anaerobic Endurance challenge looks at the relationship with peak power and average power output. 4. The vertical jump challenge investigating ‘explosive power and hang time in the air.  This workshop was thoroughly enjoyed by all as can be seen from the attached photos.  Thanks to all who were involved.
Senior Science Quiz:
Senior Science students Saul Gavigan, Laura Russell, Michael McGloin, Oisin McGloin and Rory Sweeney represented the school in the Irish Science Teachers’ Association Senior Science Quiz on Thursday the 16th November in the IT Sligo.  Well done to all!
Science Guest Speaker:
As part of the Science Week celebrations,  Dr. Yvonne Lang, Chemistry Department IT Sligo, visited Magh Ene College’s TY Class and gave a very interesting presentation on Science Careers and Science courses in the IT Sligo.
Science Week Poster Competition Winners:
Well done to first year students Eoghan Gallagher and Eoin Lally, winners of the Science Week poster competition.
Magh Ene College students taking part in the Sports Science Initiative last Tuesday as part of Science Week Celebrations IMG_1021 IMG_1019 IMG_1018 IMG_1017 Magh Ene College LC students Oisin McGloin, Rory Sweeney, Eimear Colreavy, Saul Gavigan, Laura Russell and Michael McGloin at the ISTA Senior Science Quiz in the IT Sligo last ThursdayWell done to Magh Ene College first year students Eoghan Gallagher and Eoin Lally, winners of the Science Week poster competition.