Science Week Day 5

Science Week – Day 5
1. What approximately is the furthest distance from earth that astronauts have yet travelled: 250,000, 500,000 or 1,000,000 miles?
2. What gas is found in fizzy drinks?
3. What is the disease Varicella better known as?
4. What colour light is obtained when red and green light are mixed?
5. What is the SI unit of power?

Science Week – Day 4 Answers (Thursday 16th November)
Venus (On Venus, a day equals 243 Earth days but a year equals 224.7 Earth days)
2. The septum is the name given to the cartilage that divides the two chambers of the nose
3. Au is the symbol for gold
4. Vitamin C is commonly called Ascorbic Acid
5. Benjamin Franklin invented the Lightning Conductor


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