Book Rental Policy

Magh Ene College Book Rental Scheme Policy

Magh Ene College operates a book rental scheme to provide textbooks to parents/guardian’s at a reduced cost. Workbooks, exam papers and supplementary texts are not provided by the book rental scheme. The book rental system operates as follows:

The school rents textbooks to parents/guardians of current students at a fixed annual cost, payable before the school year commences, and includes a €50 deposit in first year and fifth year which is refundable at the end of both junior and senior cycle when all books are returned and in an acceptable condition. Rental costs may be paid in instalments online during the summer, prior to the beginning of the school year. A discount is available to families with two or more in the Book Rental scheme, excluding Transition Year.

All books rented remain the property of Magh Ene College.

If any parent does not wish to be included as part of the book rental scheme, they may contact the school for a book list and buy their own books.

Textbooks are prepared for students in advance of September each year. Returned textbooks are checked, covered, labelled and prepared for each student and the condition of each book is recorded.

Students are responsible for looking after rental textbooks. Students are actively encouraged to take care of books on loan to them by the school. Students have to return all books in an acceptable condition after use for reusing.

Any books not returned or returned in poor condition at the end of each school year will have a deduction taken from the deposit. This amount is at the discretion of the school and is based on the cost of the book to be replaced.

Parents/guardians will be liable to pay the replacement fee for lost or damaged books during the school year.

The success of the book rental scheme depends on a number of factors:

  • Prompt payment of fees
  • Good care of books so that they can be redistributed for as long a period as possible.
  • Full return of all books at the end of Junior and Senior cycles.
  • The co-operation of parents is essential to the success of the book rental scheme

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