Mobile Phone Policy

Mobile Phone Policy

Magh Ene College Mobile Phone / Digital Device Policy

While Magh Ene College accepts that it is a student’s right to have a mobile phone / digital device, the following policy aims to maintain a safe, nurturing environment where the personal dignity and rights of all the members of the school community are preserved.

The school’s policy on mobile phones / devices is therefore devised with the intention of ensuring that teaching and learning can take place without interruption and also with the intention of protecting students and staff from potential invasion of privacy, harassment or bullying.

In order to assist the school in implementing this policy, parents/guardians are asked not to contact students by mobile phone at any time during the school day.  Contact with the school may be made through the office at 071 9841244 and students are directed to use the office phone in emergencies.  A student, who needs to go home for any reason during the school day, must arrange to do so through their Year Head, Deputy Principal or Principal and not independently by mobile phone.  This ensures that correct procedures for leaving school before the ending of classes for that day are observed.  Responsibility cannot be taken by the school authorities for students who arrange independently to go home without following proper procedure.  Any such arrangement is a breach of the Code of Behaviour for Students and will incur sanctions.

  • Where a student brings a mobile phone/digital device to school, it must be switched off and out of sight at all times while in the school building and on the school grounds. This includes the period of time each student is on the school grounds before the commencement of classes, during breaks and any time after the last class each day.
  • Students participating in school related activities (e.g. Study, Extra- Curricular Activities, School Trips, and Tours etc.) must abide by the rules governing these activities and have mobile phone/digital device switched off. However, if it is necessary for the student to contact his parent/guardian, then permission to turn on a mobile phone must be sought from the supervising teacher. The phone must be turned off again at the conclusion of the conversation. The supervising teacher will ensure that this has happened.
  • We acknowledge that mobile phones may have a positive role to play in teaching and learning. Teachers may give permission for the occasional use of mobile phones in classrooms and other learning environments.
  • No photographs can be taken or recordings made while on school premises and during school related activities unless permission is given. Using mobile phones/digital devices in such a way without permission can seriously infringe on people’s rights.

Sanctions for Misuse of Mobile Phones/Digital Devices

  • A student who is seen with a mobile phone / digital device or whose phone / digital device is heard must hand it to the supervising teacher. The name of the student and other relevant details will be recorded. The mobile phone / device will be kept locked in the school office until such time as it is collected and signed for by a parent / guardian.
  • A student who refuses to surrender a phone / digital device found in their possession, where it has been seen or heard, will be considered to have committed a serious breach of the School Discipline Code.
  • An incident where mobile phones / devices are used to bully or harass a member of the school community is a serious breach of the school Discipline Code and will be dealt with accordingly.
  • In such cases the phone / device will be confiscated at the Principal’s discretion. It should be noted it is an offence to use a mobile phone / device to menace, harass or offend another person. As such, the school may consider it appropriate to involve the Gardaí in such an incident. The Principal may invoke the schools Code of Behaviour and impose sanctions up to and including suspension.
  • The school accepts no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged mobile phones / devices. The safety and security of mobile phones / devices is wholly a matter for students/parents.