Niall McGonigle – IT Sligo – BA in Creative Design – Irish Young Entrepreneur of the Year Winner

Past Pupil Profile: Niall McGonigle

1. Tell us about the College course you undertook – subjects studied, work experience etc. and how this relates to your current career?
I studied Industrial-Product and Creative Design at the Institute of Technology Sligo. The Course was over 4 years/ Level 8 Honors Degree. The subjects included solid works, research, UX Design, Computer Aided Technology, problem-solving, team work, public speaking, project presentation and product-design.
Course Theses:
• Medical Design Project using an app. with use of modern technology; To enhance and improve the quality of patients’ lives. This project received an award with Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur winning for me both Donegal and Regional Finals.
• Medical Design of a First-Aid Kit for Modern Living
• Interior Architecture Project using 3 D for the floor and work-space layout of the Pathology-Department at Sligo University Hospital.
• A Thesis on; Compact Living in Cities. A Live Study Comparison of 3 Families in 3 different cities. Design and Create also a piece of Compact Furniture.
• A Thesis on: An innovative Invention Project Creating a Product for a Third World Country in order to help the people earn a realistic livelihood for their survival.
• A Business Plan using a structured comprehensive detail over a 4-year term.
• Curriculum Vitae Presentation using Creative and Graphic Design Strategy.
2. What subjects did you study in Magh Ene College and how did these relate to your college course?
I studied English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, Engineering, Construction Studies, Link Modules, Design and Communication Graphics. These subjects helped me greatly for my course especially the Design and Communication Graphics. I had the foundation learning for Drawing and Problem Solving with having prior experience in this field. Engineering and Construction Studies were also my favorite subjects at school. I especially enjoyed carving from wood my Beetle Car which is still on display in Magh –Ene College.
3. What extra-curricular activities did you get involved in while in Magh Ene College and how have these helped you so far?
The extra-curricular activities I was involved in at Magh-Ene College included: public speaking, group-discussions, team work and involvement in the student-council. I had a personal interest in Boxing and Keeping Fit / Member of Ballyshannon Club. I represented the school as Head Boy. So far my subjects studied and the extra-curricular activities taken at Magh-Ene College helped me develop as a person in gaining confidence and interacting with others. I enjoyed my school days with good memories, good relationships with friends and teachers. This gives great support to an individual starting out in life.
4. What is your education/career plan for the future?
I worked in San Francisco for the summer on a J1 Visa with a Construction Company creating Timber Frame Houses. It was a wonderful experience that I really enjoyed. I have also worked as a Designer with O’Neill’s Sports Wear in Strabane, N.I. Designing their Clothing and sports gear. I have just completed a Post-Graduate Course in Design in Milan, Italy. I was lucky enough to win Irelands Best Young Entrepreneur Competitions Donegal and Regional final. Getting the chance to pitch my idea in Googles Head Quarters in Dublin has given me great experience.
5. What other advice would you give to current students in Magh Ene College?
My advice for any student, now looking back is, to enjoy life the moment you are living in, make the most of every day, do something good each day and have a positive attitude. There are challenges, it is how we cope with them that makes us what we are. Make some plans and ideas for the future. Choose subjects that you enjoy as well as the compulsory ones. Take advice from the right people. There are some good advisors there to help. Keep the right people around you. Be cautious if you feel something is not right for you. ‘Desiderata’ is my moto in life, it is a poem I have great belief in. Life is for living. Look after yourself, both physically and mentally. Choose a career you will love and enjoy doing!
We wish to thank Niall for his time in completing this interview and wish him every success in the future!!