Past Pupil Profile

This week’s past pupil profile comes from Luke Govorov.  Thanks to Luke for completing this interview for us and we wish him every success with his continued research for his PhD and his future career!
1.  What subjects did you study in Magh Ene College and how do these relate to your current university course?
English, Irish, Maths, History, French, Geography, Biology. Most of these subjects do not relate to what I am currently doing because when I was choosing my leaving cert subjects I had no idea what I wanted to do at university. I put science as my first choice on the CAO, and with Maths and Biology I was able to get into a general science course in Dublin City University with the intention of pursuing genetics or microbiology. I found studying chemistry far more interesting than biology, so rather than continue with biology, I specialised in chemistry, getting my degree in chemical and pharmaceutical science. I am now getting my Masters in Biopharmaceutical Engineering from University College Dublin.
2.  Tell us about the university course you are undertook – subjects studied, work experience etc.?
My undergraduate degree was in chemical and pharmaceutical science. I studied many different areas of chemistry including; organic, inorganic and polymer chemistry, thermodynamics, spectroscopy, quantum mechanics, chromatography and medicinal chemistry. I have worked in the Irish Separation Science Cluster on the development of novel stationary phase columns for liquid and gas chromatography. I have also worked at the Nano-bioanalytical research facility on organic synthesis researching drugs for cancer patients resistant to current cancer chemotherapies.
3.  What is your education/career plan for the future?
I plan on doing a PhD after my masters in a field like medicinal chemistry or biotechnology
4.  What other advice would you give to current students in Magh Ene College?
If you’re trying to pick a college course to go into, pick something you don’t hate doing. (eg If you hate maths don’t pick a course like engineering or physics/ Don’t study English or history if you hate writing essays etc.)

Luke Govorov