Richard is making waves in the Music World!!

Magh Ene College Leaving Certificate student Richard Thien has had a very busy summer, working on music videos both in Dublin and London.  The following is an account from Richard – we look forward to hearing more about Richard’s achievements – watch this space!!

I spent most of my summer holidays directing music videos for different artists, meeting new people, making new connections, travelling around the country and world and releasing an debut single “Wine” which will be available on Apple Music, Spotify and all other streaming services 18.09.17!
Ever since the start of summer I’ve constantly been travelling up and down to Dublin where I’ve made connections for my film work. I felt like Dublin was definitely the place for me to put myself out there as there was so much opportunity. Since then I’ve directed many music videos which have been published on pages like RTE Pulse, Today FM, District Magazine and many more.
The most popular music video I’ve worked on so far was a music video called “She hated love songs II” by Tebi Rex.
The song itself was for anyone who had ever hated a love song, despised a romantic cliché, vomited at a corny story of unrequited adoration and the concept of the video was just pure comedy goal in my opinion.
Just recently, I was asked to shoot music videos in London, which will be released very soon. They booked me a flight to London where I stayed for the week and attended the Notting Hill Carnival, Europe biggest carnival, where most of the videos were shot. It was pretty much the highlight of my summer and was definitely a great and educational experience for sure!
Most people don’t know but I’ve always had a passion for music. which is why I’m excited to announce the release of my debut single “Wine” featuring Why-Axis (Sean Ryan). You can find the song by searching “HAII – Wine (Feat. Why-Axis)” when the song is released this Monday! In the process of producing the track I also  directed a music video for Sean. The music video is called “Marlboro breath” and it’s about Sean reminiscing about a past girl he was seeing and how dipping between how he felt about her now and how he did at the time and hinting at small issues they had.
Note: The music video was not to promote smoking by any way.
“Marlboro breath” has to be one of my favourite videos that I’ve ever shot. All because it was so enjoyable to make and practical too!
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