Sisterly Act The Musical

Sisterly Act is set in Donegal during the 1970’s. In the bright lights of Bundoran, Deloris Van Cartier is seeking fame and fortune as a fabulous showgirl. However her world is torn apart after she discovers her boyfriend Vince is a gangster who wants her dead. Forced to go on the run she meets an old pal in Det. Eddie Salver who puts her in the witness protection program as a NUN!


In the Convent of the Queen of Angels the Mother Superior is in despair as the Convent is close to ruin. However with the arrival of Deloris (in disguise as Sister Mary Clarence) the Convent is revived but not in the way the Mother Superior would like!

Deloris has modernised the choir and the Sisters and their performances every Sunday are bringing them fame throughout the land. However the fame has also allowed Vince and his goons to track down Deloris in the Convent. Now it’s up to the Sisters to repay Deloris and save her from Vince before it’s too late!


Main Cast

Heather McGowan 5th Year ———-Doloris

Conor Dawson 5th year ————- Det. Eddie Salver

Leo Ryan T.Y. ————————Vince Kenny

Beth Travers 5thYear—————–Mother Superior

Sonia Leahy T.Y. ———————-Sr. Mary Roberts

Emer Colreavy 2nd Year—————-Sr. Mary Patrick

Hannah Brennan 2nd Year—————–Sr. Mary Lazarus (Laz)

Leah Nolan Doyle 2nd Year ————-Sr. Mary Lawrence

Benedykt Urbas T.Y. ——————— Môn senior Horan

Darragh Elliot T.Y. ————————— Joey

Taylor Simpson T.Y. ———————— Paulo

Rachel McGloin T.Y. ——————————– K.T.

Catherine Cleary ———————————— LaRosa


Cadhla Doyle 1st year
Catherine Cleary T.Y.
Sian Evans 1st Year
Shannon Walsh  2nd Year
Sarah Patton 5th Year
Mary Coen 1st Year
Rachel McGloin T.Y.



Chorus Nuns

Rachel Currid 1st year
Rachel McGee 1st year
Tara Dolan 1st year
Chantelle Wymbs 1st year
Rosha Mc Gath T.Y.


Fabulous Dancers

Bridget McGowan 2nd year
Michaela O Reilly 2nd year
Alison O Connor 2nd year
Rachel Foley 2nd year
Claire Sheerin 2nd year
Naoise McCarron 2nd Year
Katelyn Mc Gowan 2nd year
Niamh Sheridan 2nd year


Biker Gang Dancers

Rebecca Wymbs 5th Year
Rebecca Newell 5th year
Letitia McFarlane 5th year
Shauna Newell 5th year

sisterAct Landscape

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